Cost To Paint A Small Office

How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Small Office?

In general, the national average cost to paint a small office range between $4.94 to $8.00 per square foot. From doing it yourself, to hiring a professional, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to invest.

According to a study by Steelcase Global, only 13% of employees are engaged, but you can change that by improving the office environment. 

If you want to improve your office space, consider getting a fresh coat of paint. You may be wondering now how much it costs to paint a small office. 

There are several different factors that determine the price, and we are going to tell you about them. We will also talk about how to choose the right colors for your office and answer some of your questions. 

What Is the Average Labor Cost to Paint an Office?

You must know how commercial painters calculate their fees before committing to working with a company. Labor and materials make up the majority of the price, and labor is the most expensive part. You can expect about 85% of the cost to be for labor. 

How Much Does It Cost in Labor To Paint a 12′ x 12′ Conference Room?

A painter may charge per hour for interior commercial painting. The hourly rate can range from $20 to $50. If you’re having your company’s logo, design, or a mural painted, the rate could increase to $100. 

On average, it takes a painter an hour to complete 150 square feet. You can use this number to calculate how much labor would cost. For example, if you have a 12×12 conference room, that’s 144 square feet.

It should only take a painter an hour to do the first coat of the room. Keep in mind, that it’s standard to have two coats, so the price for labor will range from $40 to $100. 

Painting Buyers Guide

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 20′ x 20′ Office Room?

Typically painters charge by the square footage. They will calculate the square footage of the wall space that is going to need painting. If you aren’t having the doors painted and if your small office has windows, they can be deducted from the cost. Depending on market demand for painters and the contractors’ experience, the price per square foot could range from $4.88 to $8.12

If you have a 20×20 office room, you’ll multiply 20 by 20 to get 400 square feet. You’ll then multiply 400 by the cost per square foot.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a 250 Square-Foot Office?

You’ll do the same thing if your office is 250 square feet. Multiply by $3 and $6 to get your range. On the low end, you’ll pay $500 and on the high end, you’ll be charged $1,500.

Remember to subtract the size of the doors unless you are having them painted as well. If you have built-in office furniture that you want to be painted, the price will increase. The same goes for if you have crown molding and/or baseboards.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint an Average Office Size?

You typically won’t find painters that charge per room or per day. However, if you do decide to work with a company that bases their prices on how many rooms you’ll find the prices range from $1000 to $3,000. 

Price Determinants

There are many types of paints and they come at different prices. You’ll have to decide if you want higher quality paint for a more expensive price tag or if you want to choose a cheaper one.

It’s likely you’ll want to choose a paint that is going to last. You don’t want your small office or conference room to start chipping or peeling after a few years.

The size of your commercial space also makes a difference when it comes to pricing. The larger it is, the longer it will take to paint, increasing the cost.

If the room or project is small enough for one person, it’ll be less expensive. If your office has high ceilings, you can expect your bill to increase. The extra materials and equipment that the painters need, such as a ladder, don’t come without an extra fee.

You may be putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls and in that case, the furniture and office supplies will need to be removed. You can do this task yourself or the paint company can with an extra fee.

If the walls need cleaning or if there is wallpaper that you need to have removed, there may be an extra fee for that too. Wallpaper removal will be about $3 per square foot and paint removal will cost between $4 and $9. The cleaning fee will be based on how much time the painter works, and you can expect the bill to be around $70 an hour.

Paint Cost

The cost for a gallon of paint will be between $25 and $50. One gallon of paint will cover about 375 square feet.

A contractor will purchase the paint for you and will get it from a wholesaler, which makes it cheaper for you. If your office space is 150 square feet, you’ll only need one gallon of paint will be factored into your bill. 

What’s The Best Color To Paint an Office?

One of the hardest parts about repainting your office space is picking a color. Colors directly affect our mood and even our productivity.

Yellow is a great option for an office; it evokes youthfulness and springtime. It can help brighten your employees’ moods and has been described as energizing. However, it can be overpowering so be sure to offset it with neutrals.

Is Gray a Good Office Color? 

Gray or blue-gray can also be great colors for the office. It can have a calming effect on people. A strong gray often represents steel, and the cool, emotionless color can be good to have in the workplace.

What Are Happy Colors to Paint an Office?

The color can help everyone put their emotions aside and focus on work. Dark gray also promotes problem-solving. It can be used as neutral and easy-to-find accessories such as office furniture to match.

Orange and beige also go great together in an office. The bright orange doesn’t become overwhelming because of the beige.

Finding a Commercial Painting Company

When you’re searching for a company to paint your small office, you want to take your time. You want the work done right the first time, and you don’t want to be taken advantage of. A reputable commercial painting company will have references and good reviews.

They should also be able to show you photos and videos of previous jobs they’ve done. A painting company should also have insurance covering their employees so if someone gets hurt on the job you aren’t liable.

If a contractor pressures you or rushes you into signing a contract, it’s probably best that you move on to someone else. They should also take the time to explain the prices to you.

If it’s more expensive than you thought, they may use a better-quality paint or primer. It’s a red flag if they can’t show you a breakdown of the quote. 

Benefits of Repainting 

There are many reasons why you should take the time to repaint your small office. You can improve employee productivity. Painting can also help you repair any water damage.

If moisture is not treated properly, it can lead to mold. If you see any watermarks or dark mold spots, investing in a paint job can help you keep your employees and clients safe from illness and it will improve the look of your space. It can also help you boost your company’s image. You want your office to be appealing to those who come in often. 

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Repainting your commercial office is a big decision; here are a few questions other clients have had. 

How Can I Save Money?

If you’re painting commercial office space on a budget be aware of what season you are scheduling your painters. You’ll find lower costs during slower seasons. Summer is typically peak time, so you may want to avoid that season. 

Is My Estimate Accurate?

You can use the calculation above to estimate the cost. If you get a quote that’s much higher or lower, ask your contractors.

They should be able to explain every fee. You can ask for an itemized receipt, so you know if you’re getting overcharged for paint, materials, and labor. 

Can I Do It Myself? 

You can paint your office space yourself, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. You’ll save time by hiring a professional. They will be able to get it done in a timely manner, and it will be done well. 

Small Office Painting Options

If you haven’t had your small office painted in a few years, now is the time to do it. Knowing how much it’s going to cost is crucial when you’re planning your budget. 

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and helped them with their painting needs. Contact us if you’re ready to start your painting project. 

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