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Be it residential or commercial painting, depending on the type of job, people in Lubbock will pay between $2.25 – $4.89 per square foot to hire a professional painting company. Alarming, but true, 80% of homeowners who do not compare at least two quotes will overpay.

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How Much Does House Painting Cost in Lubbock, TX?

In Lubbock, you’re going to be looking to pay between $2.75 – $4.84 per square foot to paint a house.

800 Sq Ft House – Cost $2,673 – $2,904
1000 Sq Ft House – Cost $3,375 – $3,710
1500 Sq Ft House – Cost $5,002 – $5,289
2000 Sq Ft House – Cost $6,500 – $7,609
2500 Sq Ft House – Cost $7,103 – $8,795
3000 Sq Ft House – Cost $7,350 – $9,859

How Much Does Commercial Painting Cost in Lubbock?

In Lubbock, having your office or commercial building painted will cost somewhere between $2.92 – $5.57 per square foot to paint a house.

1000 Sq Ft Office – Cost $3,800 – $3,954
2000 Sq Ft Office – Cost $7,979 – $8,700
2500 Sq Ft Office – Cost $8,408 – $9,999
3000 Sq Ft Office – Cost $8,392 – $13,705
4000 Sq Ft Office – Cost $9,904 – $15,743

Find Painters in Lubbock, TX

Below is a list of painting contractors in Lubbock, TX. Reach out to them directly, or request to compare competitive quotes from 2-4 painting companies near you.

CertaPro Painters of Lubbock, TX
7302 82nd St #13
Lubbock, TX 79424

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Pro-Tech Painting and Drywall, LLC
7212 Joliet Ave suite 6
Lubbock, TX 79423

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DM Painting
1815 N University Ave
Lubbock, TX 79415

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New Home Owners in Lubbock, Texas

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House Painting Costs in Lubbock, TX

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced the joy and satisfaction that comes with refreshing the look of your home with a new paint job. And if you’re in Lubbock, TX, you might be wondering about the costs associated with this venture.

The Basic Costs

In general, the average cost of painting a house in Lubbock can range from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on several factors. These factors include the size of your house, the type of paint you choose, and the complexity of the job.

Size of your house – Naturally, a larger house will require more paint and more time to complete, which in turn, will increase the cost. On average, painting a 2,000-square-foot house in Lubbock may cost between $6,500 to $7,500. However, for a smaller house, say 1,200 square feet, the cost could be lower.

Type of paint – High-quality paints tend to be more expensive, but they last longer and often require fewer coats. So, while you might be tempted to save money by choosing cheaper paint, you might end up spending more in the long run due to increased maintenance costs.

Making the Right Choices

Now, you might be asking, “How can I get the best value for my money?” Well, here’s my two cents.

Firstly, don’t skimp on quality. Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?” That’s especially true with paint. High-quality paint not only looks better but also lasts longer, which can save you money in the long run.

Secondly, hire a professional. While it might be tempting to go the DIY route to save money, remember that professional painters have the right tools, experience, and expertise to ensure a top-notch job. Plus, they can spot potential problems that you might miss, like rotten wood or mold, which can save you money down the line.

So, whether you’re sprucing up your Lubbock home for your own enjoyment or preparing to sell, invest wisely in your painting project. It’s an investment in your home’s value and your quality of life.

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